Yes, climbing walls. But it's way more

Explore beyond the rocks and the physical world

At Climbing Letters we want to take climbing to a higher level. Where a physical or sportive activity becomes a tool for growth, for personal development.

Beyond grades, sending, and physical training.

Climbing becomes a laboratory in which to experiment with life at different levels and extract lessons that can be extrapolated to any field.
Explore with us the connections between life, climbing and different concepts and reflections coming from classical philosophies such as Stoicism or Taoism, and much more

By bringing these ideas to climbing we find a ground where we can apply them in a practical way and obtain real benefits.

Not just for the intellectual entertainment of reading something inspiring, but to have the opportunity to experiment with it through climbing, in the challenges posed by the rock or the climbing wall.

A good way to integrate in your life —and in the rock— new tools that help you grow, to become the best version of yourself every day, developing your posibilities exponentially.

How to take part on this journey?

We are publishing books on different subjects that you may find interesting...

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