Could climbing be a new kind of yoga? Interview with Juan Marbarro

In this article you will find the translation of the Rock&Joy podcast episode in which Migue Sancho (host) and Juan Marbarro (guest) talk about the possibilities of applying the precepts of yoga (as a philosophy) to climbing. You can listen to it (in spanish) at https://rockandjoy.com/185-2/ or on the main podcast platforms. Contents Climbing and … Read more

Climbing and Philosophy. When wisdom is put into practice

Many are the wisdoms that the different philosophical currents have given us throughout history. Leaving aside the different theories, reflections and wanderings, the ultimate goal of philosophy (and of everything that the human being pursues) is happiness. So, starting from this, we like to conceive philosophy as a set of wisdoms oriented to live better, … Read more

The adventure of discomfort

All growth entails discomfort. It may be more bearable or less, but it is always present. Just as all discomfort brings growth. When you want to learn something, you will have to go through the discomfort of studying or practicing. When you want to become physically stronger, you will have to go through the discomfort … Read more

Mental strength in climbing. The stoic perspective.

Much is said about the need for mental or psychological training for climbing. By now it is widely recognized the role that the mind plays in our performance on the rock. Our mind influences every decision, every move, every step. It determines in advance the possibility of achieving something or not, playing a more crucial … Read more

Limiting beliefs: What they are and where you can find them

Table of contents 1. What are limiting beliefs? 1.1 Where do limiting beliefs come from? 2. So, what we believe to be a risk is not really a risk? 2.1 How many successes will there be for each failure? 3. Places to look to identify our limiting beliefs. 3.1 The excuses 3.2 Our social enviroment … Read more

Paradoxical intention and overcoming fear of falling in climbing

The fear of falling is one of the main burdens of progress for many climbers. Fear has the function of protecting us from perceived danger. “Perceived”, which is not always real. Sometimes we instinctively fear things that do not present a real risk. In the case of climbing, the fear of falling deprives us of … Read more

Become a better climber thanks to the Law of Reversibility

What is the law of reversibility and how does it work? The law of reversibility is based on a very simple concept. If A created B, B can create A. In a practical way we can analyze the following examples: -Light produces heat / Heat produces light -Electricity produces magnetism / Magnetism produces electricity -Voice … Read more

Climbing and mental simulations

What is mental simulation? It is an ability that our mind has to imagine us performing a concrete action and visualize its results. It uses a mix of what we remember, what we perceive and some associations between other similar experiences. You don’t have to have personally experienced the action you want to simulate; you … Read more

Stillness of the mind in climbing: Climb as a meditation


A lot has been said about how meditation leads to peace of mind. But, for some people, sitting quietly and observing their thoughts passing is not an option. Well, good news. Peace of mind can be achieved in many ways. Meditation is only one way. Another well-known path (for those who walk it) is that … Read more